“Welcome Maikon, Tati & Joanna Borba”

 Maikon, Tati & Joanna Borba were here for a good part of the Summer. We became acquainted with the Borbas through Mark and Ju. They worked with the congregation at Novo Hamburgo in Brazil. Four years ago they came to the U.S. where Maikon began studying at Harding University. He recently received his degree in Bible. They have made plans to relocate to southern Florida to begin a work among the Brazilian population. The congregation in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas will be overseeing this work, but the Daingerfield church will be supporting them in this effort. We have gotten the opportunity for us to get to know them better before they head to Arkansas and then on to Florida. Maikon will be serving in a variety of ways during this time. They were staying in the Gant’s apartment and we appreciate their hospitality. We encourage you to get to know the Borbas even though times are difficult. We welcome them in this mission partnership and look forward to a long and successful relationship!--Tim

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