Tim Gibbs

Tim Gibbs

What does the Old Testament have to do with the New Testament?

Is there any connection between Genesis and Revelation?

What, if anything, do the laws in Leviticus have to do with me?

What is the central message that runs throughout the Bible?

Maybe you have asked some of these questions yourself. Maybe you know others who have asked them. Beginning on September 7th, we will begin a congregation wide study of The Story. The Story is an abridged, chronological collection of Scriptures that reads like a novel. There are no verse references, and Scripture segments are seamlessly woven together with transition text into a single grand narrative. For those intimidated or overwhelmed by the unabridged Bible, The Story helps people understand God’s Word more fully and engage with it more easily.

Each family will receive a copy of The Story. You will be encouraged to read a chapter each week. Our Sunday Bible classes and sermon lessons will surround that particular chapter. All classes, children and adults will study the same lesson each week. In these 31 weeks, we will explore God’s amazing plan of creation and redemption. This will not only help each of us understand God’s plan, but is an excellent opportunity to invite family, neighbors and friends who may not understand God’s Word.

Our hope is that through this study God’s story will come alive for us all.

His Story is Your Story. It’s Our Story!